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“The ideal workspace
for the mobile professional”

Average Office Expenses (Rent & Utilities) = $1200/month100%
Average Nest:Work Expenses (Rent & Utilities) = $299/month25%

Save Over 75%, Monthly.

One of our favorite things about coworking is the massive monthly cost savings for each person involved! Even though our space is professionally cleaned every other day, has 24/7 secure access, private phone/chat rooms, a reservable conference room and serves free Barista's Daily Grind coffee (all day long), it's still is only 25% the cost of what someone would have to pay to rent their own office space.

Work 24 Hours A Day.

We're here to help make your life easier & more productive whenever we can. Whether you're a late night programmer (who doesn't start their shift until 1 am) or you're a parent/freelance writer that can only get away from the kids between the hours of 8pm and midnight, we've got you covered!

Your desire to succeed is what fuels our brand to provide you with what you need…in this case, that's time.

Protection, Automated.

24/7 automatic security monitoring gives all of us a bit more peace of mind.

We're talking high-definition security cameras that record & store important video to the cloud (while notifying management of unusual activity), entry door cameras that automatically account for unrecognized members, and smart locks that only work with an active member's passcode. Secure AF.

Spots Ready For Humans

Sit, Or Stand, Wherever.

We like diversity in our lives and because of this, we're sharing with you an incredibly open and dynamic workspace that is bound to help you stay productive! We have couches, plush office chairs, bean bags, large tables, café tables, standing work desks, private phone/chat rooms, a reservable conference room and of course the good ol' fashioned floor!

Seating doesn't get much more dynamic than this!

Connect, If You Choose…

Connecting with other like-minded individuals is an opportunity that all Nest:Work members have! If you'd like to meet, collaborate with &/or do business with folks from the nest, we'll help make that happen.

BUT, if you prefer to focus on your own projects without the distraction of others, don't you worry, being non-obtrusive to members in the nest is what we require of everyone!

Let's Get Caffeinated.

Maybe you're a purest and choose not to take part in the aromatic & energizing sensations that coffee and tea can provide, but at Nest:Work we LOVE OUR CAFFEINE! So much so, that we're providing (Free of charge) Hot Tea & Barista's Daily Grind freshly brewed coffee, on a daily basis!

Just imagine pouring yourself a fresh cup of one of Barista's most popular medium roast blends (Ethiopian), right before you sit down on the couch for a 6-hour work session…there is so much work to be had (however you prefer to get the energy needed to make it happen)! 🙂

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Save Hundreds A Month By Sharing Our Space With Likeminded Individuals.

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Location: Kearney, Nebraska

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